An *impatient for summer* ice cream stop with M
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Why is hostessing so fun?
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snow in March and the birds still on morning vigil over Loring

Among twenty snowy mountains,   
The only moving thing   
Was the eye of the blackbird.   
I was of three minds,   
Like a tree   
In which there are three blackbirds.   
The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.   
It was a small part of the pantomime.   
A man and a woman   
Are one.   
A man and a woman and a blackbird   
Are one.   
I do not know which to prefer,   
The beauty of inflections   
Or the beauty of innuendoes,   
The blackbird whistling   
Or just after.   
Icicles filled the long window   
With barbaric glass.   
The shadow of the blackbird   
Crossed it, to and fro.   
The mood   
Traced in the shadow   
An indecipherable cause.   
O thin men of Haddam,   
Why do you imagine golden birds?   
Do you not see how the blackbird   
Walks around the feet   
Of the women about you?   
I know noble accents   
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;   
But I know, too,   
That the blackbird is involved   
In what I know.   
When the blackbird flew out of sight,   
It marked the edge   
Of one of many circles.   
At the sight of blackbirds   
Flying in a green light,   
Even the bawds of euphony   
Would cry out sharply.   
He rode over Connecticut   
In a glass coach.   
Once, a fear pierced him,   
In that he mistook   
The shadow of his equipage   
For blackbirds.   
The river is moving.   
The blackbird must be flying.   
It was evening all afternoon.   
It was snowing   
And it was going to snow.   
The blackbird sat   
In the cedar-limbs.
 —- Wallace Stevens

A haiku from the article: ‘Quesadillas,’ by Juan Pablo Villalobos
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Curled up in blankets as outside gets blanketed by snow, I start watching the-show-everyone-keeps-talking-about, House of Cards. 

Of course I am intrigued by Frank and his power-driven partnership with Claire, the spotlight it puts on politics (even if it is dramatized, it is great to get Americans interested). But mostly, I found myself appreciating how Netflix has chosen to release the show in entire seasons. It’s so smart because it is in touch. Rather than sitting down to tune in according to the broadcast’s weekly schedule, people have evolved to watch TV shows on their own time and in binges. In packaging their original series in a way that allows for this behavior, Netflix acknowledges the way people consume what they produce. This seems so simple yet uncommon. It makes me wonder what other opportunities there are to further adapt to current behavior. Where else is the format behind user behavior? 


Oscar Niemeyer
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[by Lacie Hansen]
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Opaque  by  andbamnan