Brand Publishing: The Chalkboard Mag via Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery has done an impressive job with their publishing platform Chalkboard Mag of creating and collecting content to feel up to par to many of the lifestyle magazines their core consumer is used to enjoying. Their mission statement: 

THE CHALKBOARD IS AN online magazine devoted to all things wellness. Launched by the creators of Pressed Juicery, the site brings you the best in wellness lifestyle insights, healthy recipes, natural beauty ideas and toxin-free living. Our goal is to inspire you to live well. We believe everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Our features focus on everyone from health experts to style stars, food bloggers to our own juice cleanse customers. Learn and be inspired by others as we set out on this wellness journey together.

Our goal is to make the journey toward wellness accessible, beautiful, fun and just a little bit stylish. We hope you’re inspired as you peruse our site and leave feeling refreshed and well-equipped.” 

Publishing Value Proposition: Wellness 

Product/Brand: Very subtlety woven through out content. Not overwhelming, overall low volume of juice content. 

Social Media Integration: Has it’s own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest separate from the Pressed Juicery brand profiles.  


This is where brand publishing can go so right or so wrong for the brand they are trying to serve. 

The deeper level of brand publishing is the sense of self or narrative a brand can use it to project. 

This is what we all are unconsciously doing. Bit by bit every tweet, my friend Covey this evening was telling me about the course she is taking where they are discussing the effect of the unconscious expressing itself via our social media personas. 

real world, digital world, flexible identity.

So brands have the chance to hologram themselves and that is what brand publishing can create a system for. Give an onion level layer of entertainment in the form of these imagined personas. And entertainment is the direction - it will continually be an add on that the funding of brands can offer people. 

This is the way I have been defining brand publishing for the agency & for clients that are interested in it. 

The idea is nothing new. There are tv ads because lots of people watch tv, print because people like magazines but digital calls for an entirely new approach. The Internet is a different monster. People can actively do whatever they want on it. There is no passive TV viewer. With *all the things* available to them, brands need good content to be valuable to people in this environment.